The Mozarabic Way

Córdoba -> Mérida



DISTANCE: depends on the starting point

The Mozarabic Way starts in various Andalusian cities such as Málaga, Granada, Jaén, Almería and Córdoba. These tracks converge in a single route that later joins the Vía de la Plata (Silver Way) in Mérida.
One of the two major routes of the Mozarabic Way starts in Granada and runs along almost 420 kilometres to Mérida, crossing Alcalá la Real, Baena and Córdoba. The other one starts in Málaga and runs for more than 200 kilometres from south to north until it reaches Córdoba.
The landscape features mostly olive groves and offers great views along the route, with occasional picturesque villages.

Málaga -> Baena -> Córdoba

Almería -> Granada

Granada -> Baena

Jaén -> Granada


The set of routes that start in different points of Andalusia and that converge in Mérida, thus joining the Silver Way and heading northward for Compostela, were the actual roads used by Christians living under Arab rule in the territory of Al Ándalus, that is to say, the Mozarabs (hence the name of the itinerary).

These routes have been recovered with the support of institutions, local councils and Jacobean associations, promoting them for their great architectural heritage, their traditions, their natural areas and their gastronomic wealth.


The itinerary does not present great difficulty since for the most part there are no significant slopes and it runs roads on dirt and asphalt tracks, making it cyclable almost entirely.
It is important to bear in mind that in summer this route is not recommended due to the high temperatures in the area. In spring it is advisable not to forget the usual water bottle and make sure you stay well hydrated.
The Mozarabic Way does not have an extensive network of hostels, but the number of establishments offering accommodation to pilgrims is increasing.