Craftsmanship and tourist mementos: Giants from the troupe and the “pañuelico” of San Fermín. Wood: diverse objects created from boxwood such as clogs, cheese presses, bowls, barrels, wooden spoons and the famous “kaiku” used to collect milk and prepare curd.

Wine skins: created using tanned goat hide, are one of the most characteristic pieces in Navarran craftsmanship.

Textiles: crochet and threading, lace and traditional dress items, but also new creators of modern artisan textile clothing. 

Typical food products: In the city’s markets and delicatessen food shops all around the city.

  • Vegetables and pulses: these are all typical regional products, many designation of origin or with quality certifications, such as piquillo peppers, asparagus, artichokes, lettuce hearts, and pochas beans. Other typical Navarran vegetables are thistle and borage.
  • Milk-based products: Roncal and Idiazabal cheeses, as well as junket.

  • Meats and cold cuts: farmed and game meats, veal, pork, lamb, wild boar and venison. Chistorra, Pamplona chorizo, birika, black pudding and relleno.

  • Drinks and liquors: D.O. Navarra wine, cider, pacharán.

  • Desserts: white coffee caramels, artisan tea biscuits, txantxigorri tarts, pantxineta, caramelised almonds, goxua and coronillas.

Practical Information

Where to buy?

The most well-known shops can be found in the Historical Centre and in the Segundo Ensanche, some with a deep-rooted history, that continue to pass from generation to generation, maintaining the same impeccable customer service. On the Santo Domingo hill, we find the Market that shares its name, which is the oldest in the city. Here we can find a wide variety of fresh local produce, and glean information about asparagus, peppers, artichokes, cheese, pacharan, etc. Two other markets can be found in the Second Ensanche and in Ermitagaña, where we can discover excellent quality fresh seasonal products. 



Agri-food products with quality seals

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Pamplona also offers a great variety of artisans.


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