San Saturnino or San Cernin

Also known as San Cernin, this church is dedicated to the co-patron saint of the city; it was built in 1297. 

The church’s fortress-like appearance is due to its original defensive mission in the centre of the borough of the same name. 

The front is in the French Gothic style and has a splendid semi-decagonal header. A baroque chapel dedicated to the Virgen del Camino is attached to the church.

Opposite the church is a well in which San Saturnino baptised the first Christians of Pamplona, among them Fermín; the well is popularly called the pocico de San Cernin.


Address: c/ San Saturnino, s/n. 31001 Pamplona - Iruña

Telephone number: +34 948 221 194


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