San Fermin for the families


Troupe of giants and bigheads people

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Leisure spaces such as “¡Menudas Fiestas!, “Birjolastu” and “Kirol Ari”

Opening times in the morning and in the afternoon.


The “barracas” or fairground

Each attraction has its own price. It is possible to access the fairground from the Casco Viejo using the elevator in Calle Descalzos or walking downhill the Cuesta de Santo Domingo.

The San Fermin festival is designed for all ages to enjoy. Young, old and small ones will find a place for them to make the most of the fiesta their own way. Many options are available to enjoy with the family.



There are several free leisure areas distributed around the city.

•    "Menudas fiestas" Park in the Plaza de la Libertad: bouncy castles, puppet shows and handicrafts are just some of the activities the kids can enjoy. Every morning from 11:30 am to 2 pm and afternoons from 6 pm to 9 pm.
•   Birjolastu" in the Park of La Taconera: jump around on car and lorry tyres, make towers out of cans, jump into a garbage container, keep your balance on wooden beams, play at cooking, compose melodies and paint furniture… this novel space combines activities which focus on the senses, skills, music and creativity.  The sustainable fun is assured with all the reused and recycled things there to enjoy. Every morning from 11:30 am to 2 pm and afternoons from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
•    "Kirol Ari" in the Moat in the Park of La Media Luna: a multisport area designed for kids aged 8 to 14 in the moat in the Park of La Media Luna near the Pamplona Fortification Interpretation Centre. Several areas will be set up for each day's schedule. Among other activities, participants will have the chance to play basketball and badminton, try their hand at fencing and traditional rural sports, ride horses and go kayaking on the River Arga. Every morning from 11:30 am to 2 pm and afternoons from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.



The main characters of the Sanfermines for the “txikis” (the little ones”) are the Giants and Big-heads. This over 150-year-old set of popular figures consists of four couples of giants (representing the kings of Europe, Asia, Africa and America), who parade the streets of the city as they dance accompanied by the “cabezudos” (big-heads) the “kilikis” and the “zaldikos”, the latter of which run after the children, who hide from and look for them in equal halves. In addition, it is customary for children to give their pacifiers to the giants when they no longer need to use them, thus establishing a very close bond between them.



  • One of the options is to rent a balcony, another one is to get up early to occupy your place at the fence and a third nice and comfortable option is to go to the bull ring to see the arrival of the bulls and the runners and watch the subsequent release of heifers for the “vaquillas” event.
  • The running for the “txikis” (little ones) is held two days, starting at the Cuesta de Santo Domingo and ending at the Plaza Consistorial. The children sing the song asking San Fermín for protection in the same place and in the same way as the actual running and then run uphill followed by six bulls and three oxen all made of cardboard.
  • Running of the inflatable bulls: it is a particular running for children with giant inflatable bulls in the upper part of Avenida Carlos III. It is a show organized by El Torico. A unique, original and different show.
  • The water bull: this is a new and refreshing proposal that is attracting more fans every year. The “toricos” (small bulls) run every day from 8 to 9 pm near the Maisonnave Hotel, organizer of the event.
  • The bull of fire: starting in the City Hall Square at 9.45 p.m., the more daring can run through the old town in front of this peculiar bull made of wood and cardboard, dodging the sparks that fly off it as it goes.
  • In addition, in the Gas Corrals, near the fairground, you may visit all the bulls from the different ranches participating in the Bull Fair.

The parades of knights and mules is another of the activities preferred by the little ones and is held every day. It starts at the City Hall and ends in the Bull Ring, right before the bullfight.



The “peñas” (gangs of friends) are the soul of the party as they accompany and animate the city any time of the day, and they also have their “txiki” version for kids. Accompanying these small “peñas” is a good chance to experience the most spontaneous side of the festival with them.



Fireworks fascinate both children and grown ups alike. Before you call it a day, every day at 11 pm you can watch and enjoy this colourful show in the surroundings of the Citadel.



The fairground, or ‘las barracas’ as they call them here, is a magnet for the little ones. Located in the Arga River Park, in the district of Rochapea next to the Gas Corrals, they showcase a universe of attractions, restaurants and fair stands.