The path of the Encierro

Santo Domingo. 280 metres
From the bull pen up to the Town Hall square. A steep slope. The bulls tend to group together. This is one of the most violent and dangerous sections, particularly when the bulls run into the square at the end of the section.

Plaza Consistorial (Town Hall Square)-Mercaderes. 100 metres.
One of the least dangerous sections, despite the fact that it's technically more complicated due to its double bend. It gives the runners some respite, as there's a lot of room, making it possible to run. There are a number of places for runners to take shelter.

Mercaderes Curve.
The Estafeta Street starts with a 90 degree turn to the right, which causes the bulls to slip and skid, ending up against the outside fence. Runners need to take the opposite bend on the short side, to avoid being trapped by the bulls.

Estafeta - Bajada de Javier street.
Slight 2% slope. Long and narrow, this is one of the most crowded spots. The only shelter is provided by the doorways.

Bajada de Javier street - Telefónica building.
The bulls run much slower here. Stray bulls may break away from the rest of the herd. All this makes it an extremely dangerous section.

Telefónica building.
Barely 100 metres that lead to a bottleneck, with double fencing on either side. Here the bulls are tired and run slower, making it easier for them to break away from the herd, a dangerous situation par excellence. This is the preferred place for the divinos ("divine" expert runners) and many inexperienced, novice runners.

Callejón  (downhill alley).
The section going down to the Bull Ring, in the form of a bottleneck. A much-feared section due to the risk of a pile-up of runners.

Space is made in the centre to allow the bulls to run through, led by the steers and the Dobladores or guiders. The proliferation of inexperienced runners, who like to draw attention to themselves, means that this section has now become dangerous..


Distance: 848.6 meters.


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