“Las Pocholas” Restaurant

Restaurant now defunct. In the book "The Dangerious Summer" Hemingway explains that after meeting Antonio Ordóñez they agreed to meet Mary Welsh at the restaurant "El Rey Noble", popularly known as "Las Pocholas". As the writer says "since then we were always friends”.

On 22 September 1956, Hemingway, Mary Welsh, and a group of friends stopped for lunch at the same restaurant; they were on their way to the festival in Logroño. Mary Welsh relates it in 'How It Was'. And in the Sanfermines of 1959 they had dinner again at ‘Las Pocholas’.

The Hostal del Rey Noble was inaugurated on 20 April 1938. It was run by the Guerendiáin sisters, aka 'Las Pocholas'. It was one of the flagship restaurants of Spanish gastronomy. It closed its doors in the summer of 2000.

Located on Paseo Sarasate, this is precisely one of the places mentioned in the novel "The Sun Also Rises / Fiesta". The group of protagonists of the novel walk through it "in full sun". "It was pleasantly warm - Hemingway writes - after the rain and the clouds coming from the sea”.

In 1902, the City Council of Pamplona honoured violinist Pablo Sarasate as the city's favourite son, and gave his name to the boulevard previously known as Paseo Valencia.


Address: Paseo Sarasate, 6. 31001 Pamplona - Iruña


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