San Fermín for foodies

One of the highlights of the San Fermín festival and one of the best plans is to taste the excellent gastronomy of Pamplona. Hundreds of bars and restaurants offer all kinds of “pinchos” and other typical dishes with a wide variety of drinks. Eating in San Fermín is really a pleasure, not to mention the good ambience.

During the festival the range of culinary possibilities grows, and you may choose to eat in Michelin-starred restaurants or maybe opt for a "bocata" (sandwich) in any of the many bars around the city. The festival lasts for 9 days so you will have the chance to try any of the options available. 

One of the most common culinary traditions in San Fermín is having churros dipped in hot chocolate for breakfast. In the Casco Viejo there are several traditional establishments that offer this combo for breakfast. At mid-morning it is time for a snack, the “almuerzo”, so very typical of the area. During San Fermín it is necessary to differentiate the ‘almuerico’ of the 6th of July before the “Chupinazo” from that of other days, since it is customary to get together with the family and “cuadrilla” of friends to start the festival with energy. The most common dish for “almuerzo” is some "eggs with", i.e. fried eggs with tomato sacue and ham, “txistorra” sausage or bacon.

At lunchtime, restaurant kitchens focus on traditional dishes with typical ingredients, but with a more elaborate and modern touch. Typical dishes of Navarre include cod stew à la “ajoarriero” or lamb stew à la “chilindrón”. Excellent meats and delicious vegetables from local vegetable gardens are also typically grilled. In addition, the oxtail stew is a very typical dish to taste during the San Fermin festival that you will find in most menus. And to accompany these dishes, nothing better than a good Navarrese wine. Another option is cider, fresh and with an acid touch. And last but not least, “pacharán”, the local digestive liquor par excellence.

Another classic culinary feat of the San Fermin festival, just like the “almuerzos”, are the “meriendas” (or late-afternoon early-evening snacks) in the bull ring. There are no rules here: any dish that the mind can imagine has a place in this peculiar feast that for many will be their only meal of the day. For those who do not go to the bull ring, the alternative is to go to bars and indulge in “pinchos” such as an egg pincho or a pepper pincho, or the “revuelto” (scrambled eggs) with wild mushroom, the potato omelette or a traditional croquette.

For the last meal of the day, i.e. dinner, it is not unusual to order a ‘bocata’ (sandwich) to give the body a rest while enjoying the fireworks. Another option is to go to the fairground, Antoniutti Park or the restaurants of Spanish regional associations in Bosquecillo, with their wide menu of tapas and sandwiches.

Finally, for those who have had a long fiesta day, there is no better way to end it than to have a good old hot “caldico” (broth) to settle the stomach.



-“Reyno” Restaurant Association

Prestigious chefs and a showcase of Navarrese cuisine, whose creations combine a respect for identity and tradition, innovation and new ways and an obsession for the ultimate prime raw material. 
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