Yoldi Hotel

In the book ‘The Dangerous Summer, Hemingway tells that in the Sanfermines of 1953 he sees Antonio Ordóñez, the son of Cayetano Ordóñez (El Niño de la Palma in ‘The Sun Also Rises’) fight for the first time. Antonio himself sends a message to Hemingway to meet at the Yoldi Hotel. Another bullfighter, Jesús Córdoba, guides Hemingway through the city to the Yoldi Hotel and walks him up to Ordóñez's room. At that moment a friendship was born between the two men that lasted until the death of the writer. 

In 1954, the Mexican actor Anthony Quinn, who was in Pamplona studying for the film "The Magnificent Matador", stayed at the Yoldi Hotel. Quinn precisely starred in the television adaptation of Hemingway's novel "The Old Man and the Sea". Anthony Quinn visited Pamplona on two other occasions: in 1963 he drove his car from Biarritz, where he was filming with Gregory Peck the movie ‘Behold a Pale Horse'; and in 1999 for the television series ‘Camino de Santiago’.

In 1957 the American actor Henry Fonda arrived at the Yoldi Hotel to personally experience the Sanfermines. He even managed to sneak into the runners-only fence to take some pictures of the encierro. Henry Fonda made the introduction for the short film ‘Soldier’s Home’ based on the figure of Ernest Hemingway and his short story ‘Soldier's Home’ (1925).

Henry Fonda arrived in Pamplona in 1957 accompanied by his wife Alfreda Franchetti and their children Jane and Peter. Jane Fonda relates in her memoirs that the whole family lived the Sanfermines with great tension since Peter wanted to run the running of the bulls. And it seems he did...



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