(Smartcity) Pamplona City Hall designed the Pamplona Smart City strategy with the objective of promoting the use of information and communication technologies in the city. It aims to consistently improve management and, in doing so, advance quality of life.

The strategy was developed in cooperation with several municipal departments, members of City Hall’s public (service providers, users, etc.), qualified private sector representatives and, quite particularly, with the knowledge work sector. This strategy falls within the work of the Spanish Smart Cities Network of which Pamplona, whose municipal board of directors partakes therein, was the founding city.

The Pamplona Smart City Plan identifies the city’s challenges and opportunities taking into account its background and context, the concerns of players who are present in the city and the tendencies of other comparable cities. Based on that, the city proposes quantifiable objectives and necessary measures to be taken.

It focuses on issues related to:

  • Improving quality of life
  • Citizens’ services
  • Process efficiency