Pacto de Milán

Pamplona is part of the Urban Food Policy Pact, a network created at the 2015 Milan Expo that seeks to boost cooperation between cities to create fair and sustainable food systems. Also known as the Milan Pact, it emphasises on working towards sustainable consumption from all perspectives and advocating for an international protocol, with the participation of cities around the world, to develop food systems based on the principles of sustainability and social justice.

Accordingly, through this initiative the City seeks to promote and advocate local food production from nearby cities, support small businesses, take measures to reduce food waste, and improve cities’ food supply and distribution systems.


  • Work to develop sustainable, inclusive, resilient, safe and diversified food systems to provide healthy food that is accessible to all in a rights-based action framework in order to reduce food waste and preserve biodiversity while, at the same time, mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change.
  • Promote coordination between departments and sectors at the municipal and territorial levels to improve food distribution and supply, social protection, nutrition, equity, food production, education, food security and waste reduction.
  • Coherence between municipal policies and programmes related to food.
  • Involve all sectors of the food system (including local authorities, technical and academic entities, civil society, small producers and the private sector) in the creation, realisation and evaluation of policies, programmes and initiatives for the food sector.
  • Review and modify existing policies, plans and standards at the urban level to further the creation of fair, resilient and sustainable food systems.
  • Use the Action Framework as a starting point to organise the urban food system and share progress with the participating cities.
  • Promote the participation of other cities in activities in favour of food policies.