Making Spend Matter

The Making Spend Matter project explores how to use spend analysis as an assessment tool to improve the impact of public procurement in order to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to the local economy and citizens. This is carried out by transferring the good practices developed by the city of Preston (England)  to the rest of partners in the network.

The initiative is co-funded (70%) by the European Union through the Urbact programme (ERDF Funds).


  • Preston City Council (England) 
  • Vila Nova de Famalicão City Council (Portugal) 
  • Pamplona City Council
  • Kavala City Council (GR).
  • Schaerbeek Commune (BE)
  • Bistrita City Council (RO)
  • Koszalin City Council (PL)


  • Explore and develop innovative ways to use spend analysis and public procurement to create growth in the local economy. 
  • Encourage local companies to actively bid to provide goods and services to public institutions, creating job and training opportunities for the local population. 
  • The use of spend analysis to identify gaps in the procurement services which cannot be filled by the existing companies, promoting the creation of new businesses and, potentially, the development of different business models, such as social enterprises and cooperatives. This, in turn, will provide opportunities to increase employment, develop skills and generate personal income, thereby actively promoting an increase in quality of life. 

Main actions

  • Undertaking a municipal public spent analysis
  • Setting-up of a local URBACT group with interested institutions and stakeholders.
  • Carrying out the spend analysis by other administrations.
  • Launching of public procurement measures with social and environmental criteria.