Suit Up: In White and Red

The streets of Pamplona get dyed white and red from the moment the Chupinazo rocket explodes until the closing of the festival. The traditional Pamplonica outfit consists of white shirt and trousers, red sash and the red ‘pañuelico’ neckerchief.

All those who come to the city from different parts of the world wear the usual uniform - or at least they should, as it is key to feeling part of the fiesta. The actual origin of this outfit remains unknown, but it was made popular by the now extinct Peña La Veleta, who adopted these colours in the 30s so as to tell its members from members of other peñas.

Locals will agree that the most special piece of the outfit is the neckerchief, an accessory that it is essential to tie around one’s neck as soon as the opening rocket goes off.



  • Red scarf: A scarf that is tied around the neck after the rocket goes off and is removed during the closing event of the festival, i.e. the 'Pobre de Mí'. It is usually embroidered with the coat of arms of Pamplona, Navarre, that of a peña or association, or the name of the person who wears it, something common in the case of the small ones.
  • Sash of San Fermín: It is characteristic for its dimensions and its colour. This red strip is 2.5 meters long and 12 cm wide. It is tied round the waist.
  • White clothes: The characteristic outfit consists of white shirt and trousers, whose colour makes the red of the sash and the neckerchief stand out.
  • Espadrilles: Espadrilles in plain white fabric sewn to a hemp sole and crisscrossed by a red ribbon.