Films of the Way


Imagen de la película 3 en el Camino
Tres en el camino

Film type: Feature film (documentary film)

Release year: 2004.

Directed by: Laurence Boulting.

Synopsis or topic: Between Christmas and New Year's Day 1999, three very different characters reflect on the meaning of their existence. The three have something in common: that year they made the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela following the Xacobea Route and their steps have led them to ask themselves the same fundamental questions. Fourteen weeks of filming in five countries (Spain, France, Holland, Brazil and Japan) during three seasons of the year (winter, spring and summer) were required to account in fiction the stories of these three characters: the Japanese poet Madoka Mayuzimi , the Brazilian Milena Salgado and the Dutchman Rob Jorritsma.

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Locations in Navarre: Roncesvalles, Arleta, Eunate, Puente la Reina.

Imagen de la película de Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho on the Way of Saint James

Film type: Feature film
Release year: 2004
Directed by: Not found
Synopsis or topic: Writer Paulo Coelho narrates in first person his experiences as a pilgrim on the Camino in a DVD that accompanied a book published by Editorial Espasa Calpe.
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Locations in Navarre: Valcarlos, Ibañeta Pass, Roncesvalles, Calle Curia and Cathedral of Pamplona, Puente la Reina. 

Imagen de la película el Americano
Americano: Do what scares you

Film type: Feature film
Release year: 2005
Directed by: Kevin Noland
Synopsis or topic: Love story set during the Festival of San Fermín in Pamplona. Chris, Ryan and Michelle are three Americans who spend their holidays in Europe. Upon arriving in Spain, Chris loses his suitcase, but that gives him a chance to delay his return and pursue the beautiful Adela, an enigmatic woman whom he hardly knows. For their part, Ryan and Michelle use the trip to analyse their relationship, since when they return to the "real world", back in the US, everything will be the way it was before.
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Locations in Navarre: Pamplona, source of the river Urederra, Urbasa mountain range, Andía mountain range, Gorge of Lumbier, Indurain, Muskitz, Zubieta.

Imagen de la película 'The Way'
The Way

Film type: Feature film
Release year: 2010
Directed by: Emilio Estévez
Synopsis or topic: Tom, a widowed ophthalmologist, receives the news that his son Daniel has died in the Pyrenees during a storm as he was doing the Camino. After the cremation, Tom decides to end the pilgrimage in honour of his son and scatter the ashes along the Way.
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Locations in Navarre: Roncesvalles, Akerreta, Aoiz, Caballo Blanco in Pamplona, El Perdón Pass, Church of Santa María of Eunate (Muruzabal), Monastery of Iratxe and Torres del Río.



Imagen del corto 'Camino de Santiago'
Camino de Santiago

Film type: Short film

Release year: 1965

Directed by: César Fernández Ardavín

Synopsis or topic: A pilgrim - played by Fernando Cebrián, goes along the Way of Saint James and chats with all the people he meets, analysing art and monuments along the way.

Imagen del corto 'Caminante'

Film type: Short film
Release year: 2013
Directed by: Joaquín Calderón
Synopsis or topic: The Camino as it passes through Pamplona seems to have brought together two walkers. As they visit most emblematic spots of the city, we discover that María is going through a bad time in her relationship and that Santiago has a serious problem.
The surprising ending will confirm - once again - that things are not what they seem. Cast: Belinda Washington and Txema Blasco.
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Locations in Navarre: Pamplona.

Nuestros caminos a Santiago
Nuestros Caminos a Santiago

Film type: Documentary series
Release year: 2004
Directed by: Pablo Aranegui
Synopsis: Documentary series of 16 episodes regarding the events held to celebrate the Jacobean Year in 2004. Different routes of the Camino are covered by two pilgrims. It also features Spanish actor Carmelo Gómez, alongside writers whose works have some connection with the Camino: Matilde Asensi, Paolo Coelho, Jesús Torbado and Cees Nooteboom.
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Locations in Navarre: Roncesvalles, Pamplona, Puente la Reina, Estella, Tudela, Sangüesa.


Imagen del documental 'Camino de Santiago'
Camino de Santiago

Film type: Feature film - TV series
Release year: 1999
Directed by: Robert Young
Synopsis or topic: Esotericism and medieval rites are the basis of a series of bloody crimes investigated by the police. The situation worsens when the theft of an important painting coincides with the ritual crime of a prostitute. The game of the goose, widely played by pilgrims along the Camino, holds the key to solving the mystery. The game has started and our characters are the players.
Locations in Navarre: French Camino


Imagen del documental Camino de Santiago
Camino de Santiago

Film type: Documentary (“No-Do”, documentary news format)

Release year: 1955

Directed: Pierre Zimmer

Synopsis or topic: Documentary about the pilgrim routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela through France.

Locations in Navarre: Roncesvalles, Muruzabal, church in Eunate, Puente la Reina, Estella.