Another option for getting around Pamplona is to take a taxi. The city has a modern, professional fleet of taxis and the service is available 24/7. The vehicles are equipped with a taximeter, which indicates the price of the service depending on the rate and the journey made. There are a number of official taxi ranks, two of which are located very close to the Old Quarter. Specifically, one is in the street Navas de Tolosa (next to the Hotel Tres Reyes) and the other in street Duque de Ahumada (at the rear of the Gayarre Theatre).

If you need a taxi in Pamplona, there are three options available to you: Firstly, you can make your way to one of the taxi stands in the city. Another option is to request the taxi by phone, by dialling 948 232 300 or 948 351 335. Finally, you can also stop a taxi in the street, provided that it's available, shown by the green light on the roof. Simply lift your arm to stop it.

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