The Plenary Session

About the Plenary

The Plenary of Pamplona City Council is the ultimate organ of political representation of the citizens in the municipal government.

It consists of Pamplona’s 26 councillors and the Mayor, who chairs its meetings.

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The duties of the plenary are established in articles 122 and 123 of Act 57/2003 on Measures for the Modernisation of Local Government. They include:

  • approval of municipal budgets
  • control and oversight of government bodies
  • approval and modification of ordinances and regulations 


The Plenary holds ordinary meetings at 4.30 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month, except when these are public holidays or fall in a holiday period, in which case they are held on the preceding business day.

The Mayor may convene extraordinary sessions whenever he/she has a justifiable reason.