Spagyria is a project to promote the research and development of organic cosmetic products by people with disabilities through cross-border cooperation actions.

The initiative is co-financed (65%) by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Programme POCTEFA 2014-2020.


  • A network of special employment centres, research centres and processing centres in the field of innovation and technology will be created. 
  • A new strand of work will be implemented in the special employment centres participating in the project which will consist of growing the medicinal plants which will provide the basis for the research and development of the cosmetic products.
  • An eco-accreditation/certification standard to be shared by the partners and transferred to any organic producer that may wish to work along the same lines will be developed.
  • The main beneficiaries will be people with disabilities and efforts will be made to improve their employability and improve their quality of life.
  • This project brings together the experiences of all the partners in the production, cultivation and processing of aromatic plants, and also technological innovation, given that totally sustainable, 100% organic solvents and technology will be used. 


  • Pamplona City Council
  • Huesca City Council
  • University of Zaragoza
  • Medes
  • Elkarkide
  • Jardins de Girou
  • Asociación Tutelar Asistencial de Discapacitados Intelectuales (ATADES)