Kintoan Barna

Kintoan Barna is a European cross-border cooperation programme involving 13 localities on the 80 kilometres between Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and Pamplona via Quinto Real.


Kintoan Barna aims to develop an attractive, high-quality tourist offer linked to the exploitation of the natural and identity-based resources, heritage, common history and food of a territory formed by a corridor that stretches from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port/Donibane Garazi to Pamplona through the valleys of Baigorri, Garazi and Esteríbar, constituting a small cross-border region whose nexus is Quinto Real.

The project aims to convert this corridor territory into a tourist destination and position it as an integral product to attract tourism and contribute to its socio-economic development, trying to reverse the current trend towards depopulation.

The change is related to the creation of a new Garazi-Pamplona territory, a territory of opportunities for cultural and natural tourism, hiking and sport in nature, with a wide range of local products, quality accommodation and activities related to identity and common history.

The approach taken brings added value to the project which is going to impact very positively on its level of attractiveness: the participation of Pamplona adds value and an innovative character to the project by linking the rural and the urban.


The main beneficiaries of the project are: the local authorities in the territory; the population; companies in the tourism, cultural, sports, hospitality and local product sectors.


The three partners in the project are:


  • Council of Eugi (coordinating partner) 
  • Council of Esteribar 
  • Pamplona City Council
  • Council of Zubiri
  • Council of Larrasoaña


  • Commune de Saint Etienne de Baigorri 
  • Commune de Banca
  • Commune des Aldudes
  • Mairie d’Urepel
  • Commission Syndicale de la Vallée de Baigorry
  • Office du Tourisme de la Communaute de Communes de St. Jean Pied de Port et de St Ettiene de Baigorry
  • Groupemet Pastoral d’Argintzu
  • Groupement Pastoral d’Egurza


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