Public Organisations Transform Energy Transition (POTEnT) expects to achieve progress towards carbon reduction that is 10% greater than what is expected or planned in each partner region by 2023 through the improved provision of energy services by public authorities. The program which finance the project is Interreg Europe.


  • Energy and Climate Local Agency of South Brittany (ALOEN) – Lead Partner    
  • Parma Municipality  
  • Pamplona Municipality    
  • Milton Keynes Municipality  
  • Ostrava Municipality    
  • Energy Agency for South-East Sweden
  • Tartu Energy Agency
  • Ettlingen Stadtwerke
  • Erasmus University 



  Total Budget Financing (EU) (€)* % Financing (EU)
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona (partner) 186.920,00 € 158.882,00 € 85%
Total project 2.010.623,00 € 1.689.117,75 € 84%



  • Achieve the overall objective by developing/improving a public Energy Services Company (ESCo) in 4 partner-regions and increase by 25% by 2023 the “market-share” of at least 2 of these.
  • Achieve the overall objective by transforming existing mechanisms into a "future-fit" organisation, ready, willing and able to foster an indepth local energy transition in 4 partner-regions.
  • Increase investment in low carbon projects by 10% in comparison to the previous 3 years in at least 3 partner regions, by improving the effectiveness of their energy transition solutions.
  • Inspire/empower local decision-makers and communities to achieve more carbon reduction through better knowledge, quicker payback and a circular energy economy.


Main outputs and results

  • Assemble a register of Good Practices
  • Organise Thematic Events
  • Organise Mentoring Days with local stakeholders and Erasmus University (NL)
  • Organize “Study Visitis” in every partner region for the rest of the partners
  • Prepare Regional Action Plans
  • Master clases for senior stakeholders in Brussels
  • Establishemnt of Local Stakeholders Groups
  • Organize Import Workshops to adopt good practices from other regions
  • Organize seminars for local audience
  • Contribute to the Policy Learning Platform
  • Organize a European level conference