Trinitarios Park- Pump Truck Track

The Trinitarios pump track court has 30 rollers and 6 jumps of different heights and lengths, curves, bends and undulated areas for cyclists, skateboarders or skaters. It measures 40 x 50.25 metres. It has a children’s pump track, with an easier circuit in an oval shape, which has five rollers, one double, and a plateau giving learners a safer starting level.
It can be found in the green area in the Trinitarios Park, enclosed by Calle Biurdana, the Avenida de Gipuzkoa, and the river Arga, very close to the Kosterapea walk.

It is designed for people to enjoy sports in a non-competitive way and is suitable for people of all ages on bikes, skateboards, roller skates and scooters. 

The circuit has an asphalt surface and the inner areas and embankments are of synthetic grass. The embankments along the pump track route have been designed to ensure the safety of people using it if they happen to fall over on the circuit. 



Address: Avenida de Guipuzkoa s/n