Festival de las Murallas

Festival de las Murallas offers circus, dance and music performances, all together, in The Citadel during the month of August. The program includes the sections: Atardecer Pamplona and Danzad, danzad, malditos.

Danzad, danzad, malditos is a dance-tour along different fortified corners played by diverse national and international dance companies.

Besides, Atardecer Pamplona mixes seasons of cultural activities that integrate science, art, new technologies and renewable energies.



The month of August welcomes the 'Festival de las Murallas' again, which will take place from Monday to Friday, from August 2 to 19 in the Citadel, for three consecutive weeks, at 8:00 p.m., except for three night events that will begin at 10:00 p.m. when the lights have fallen (the opening event, as well as those on August 6 and 13). Once again, the members of Suakai will be in charge of lighting the fuse for this new edition, with a show similar to the one they presented last year, which was well received by the public. The entrance will be free until full capacity is reached.


Adress: Citadel and walls

Price: Free

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2021 schedule


August, 2. 22:00. Luces, Música ¡Acción!. Suakai (VUELTA DEL CASTILLO FRENTE AL NÚMERO 15)
August, 3. 20:00. Volatiner@s. Nostraxladamus (VUELTA DEL CASTILLO FRENTE A PLAZA DE LOS FUEROS)
August, 4. 20:00. Ahá! Alas circo (CIUDADELA)
August, 5. 20:00. 78 route., La Meute- Los Muchachos (CIUDADELA)
August, 6. 22:00. Creatura. Lapsoproducciones/ malabart (CIUDADELA)
August, 9. 20:00. Les madeleines de Poulpe. Cie. Kadavresky (CIUDADELA) 
August, 10. 20:00. Tartana. Trocos loc (CIUDADELA) 
August, 11. 20:00. Bowa. La gata japonesa (CIUDADELA)
August, 12.20:00. Avol. Cir Bover (CIUDADELA)
August, 13. 22:00. Copyleft. Nicanor de Elia (CIUDADELA)
August, 16. 20:00. EL cazador. MIGTHY JAMBO (CIUDADELA)
August, 17. 20:00. VoloV. Colectiu TQM (CIUDADELA)
August, 18. Magic Box. E.go (CIUDADELA)
August, 19.Esencial. Vaiven circo (CIUDADELA)


Frontón Jito Alai. 7, 14 and 21 of august.

Saturday. August, 7 20:00h.

-Apertura Parkour, artistas invitados
-“Hito”: Akira Yoshida y Chey Jurado, Navarra, Badajoz
-“Goosebumps”-Unaiuna, Baleares
-“La Levedad” Qabalum, Navarra, Zaragoza y Galicia

Saturday. August, 14 20:00h.

-“Piece du Poket”. Cie Rue de Serendip, Suiza
-“Corps crú”. Alec Letcher, Francia
Piezas cortas:
-“Fuga”. Melissa Castillo, México
-«Concerto for Mandolin in C Major by Vivaldi». Gil Kerer Projects, Israel

Saturday. August, 21 20:00h.

-“Carneros”. Organik, Pais Vasco
-“Senda”. Lorenzo Avolio, David Novoa, Kaori, Menorca
Piezas cortas:
-“El Sombrerero Loco”. Martín Los Arcos, Navarra
-“1548 steps”. Evgeni Melentiev, Rusia