Gayarre Theatre

The Gayarre Theatre is undoubtedly the most emblematic Coliseum in Pamplona, and is also one of the most historical buildings in the city. Located in the very heart of the city, today it opens out onto the second expansion of the Navarrese capital.

Initially constructed under the name of Main Theatre of Pamplona, in 1903 it was renamed as the Gayarre Theatre, in memory of the Roncal-born tenor, Julián Gayarre. In 1931 it was moved to its current location, preserving practically all of its original façade.

After undergoing various renovations, the Gayarre Theatre preserves its Italian-style horseshoe formation, and its seating capacity for 884 people is distributed across the ground floor seating area, the stalls, the balcony and the amphitheatre. Renovations were performed to the stage area in 2005, mechanising the bars and removing a series of elements that were no longer used. The grid was cleaned, making it easier to carry out the different scenery and assembly works, and a series of actions were also undertaken to improve the aesthetics of the building. Among the most outstanding aspects, it is worth mentioning the reforms undertaken on the theatre electrical system, the heating and ventilation system, the renovation and updating performed on the fire prevention system, and improvements and extensions made to the exit routes. Perhaps the most striking change was the recovery of the amphitheatre and the changes to the seats in this area and in the balcony, allowing for an increased capacity to reach around 884 seats.

As well as shows, the Gayarre Theatre is available for all kinds of performing arts and diverse services for all kinds of events.

Practical information

Address: Av. de Carlos III el Noble Etorbidea, 1, 31002 Pamplona

Telephone: +34 948 207 202



Contact: César San Martín