This is a space for business, relations and exchanges supported by a strong professional team and its strategic location. It is much more than an exhibition venue, as its modular design and its capacity to be transformed into a space for many different functions, make it the ideal location for hosting any event.

Refena is much more than an exhibition venue, with its modular design and capacity to be transformed into a space for many different functions and any format, with 15,000 m2 of surface area distributed over three pavilions, located on a plot measuring over 27,000 m2. As an exhibition venue it has a calculated usable minimum covered exhibition space of 11,000 m2. It is fully equipped with all complementary services and provides the maximum ease of work.

Refena comprises three collateral pavilions, amounting to almost 15,000 m2 of constructed area. Added to this is the annex area of approximately 1,500 m2, which holds the offices, reception, restaurant services and other complementary services required to undertake activities.

Both pavilions are 8.50 m high at the lowest point; their size and versatility mean that these facilities can be used to hold any kind of event: fairs and presentations of any kind of product, concerts, sporting events, training courses, work meetings, etc.

Practical information

Address: Av. de Gipuzkoa Etorbidea, 2, 31012 Pamplona - Iruña

Telephone: +34 948 136 136



Contact: Carla Garcia-Tapia

Total surface: 27 000 m2