Navarra offers visitors enormously diverse landscapes. Visitors speak of a feeling of breathing fresh air when they arrive here. Water takes the centre stage in Navarre. It breathes the green colour into the valleys of the rivers Roncal, Salazar, Aézcoa and Baztàn. These are all extremely beautiful pre-Pyrenean landscapes. The Forest of Irati, the Señorío de Bertiz natural park, and the Zugarramurdi caves are just an example of nature in its purest form.

The Middle Zone of Navarre is outstanding for its Romanesque churches and hermitages, and castles that spark off our imaginations. This is a major wine-producing area, which is why the landscape is a patchwork of beautiful vineyards, dotted in summer with daisies, poppies and sunflowers, offering an incomparable landscape abloom with colour. Estella, Olite, Tafalla and Sangüesa are well worth a visit. Andelos, the Roman villa of Arellano, and the Wine Museum cannot be missed.

The Ribera area offers extremely beautiful contrasts with the Bardenas Reales of Navarre. The Bardenas is a Biosphere Reserve. This wild land is also green and humid. In some corners, such as the Pitillas lagoon, flocks of birds provide the only sounds to be heard.

The river Ebro takes the centre stage, but there are two others: the rivers Aragón and Ega, which take water to the crops and produce delicious vegetables, Tudela lettuce hearts, artichokes, piquillo peppers from Lodosa, asparagus… The Navarran vegetable plot creates a highly changeable landscape.