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Because we have the best medicine in the healthiest setting. Pamplona is an international benchmark in healthcare thanks to its highly-acclaimed medical system and public and private hospital system. This community loves its roots and history as a kingdom, but it is also very forward thinking. It is a pioneer in renewable energy, medicine and education. An expert in quality of life. The capital of the kingdom, Pamplona, is a green, walled city. The setting for the San Fermín festivities, the great universal fiesta. It offers excellent accommodation, and both traditional and modern cuisine based on the best local produce. Tradition, service and innovation. 

Specialising in different areas, they have shared premises: research and cutting edge technology, excellence in health care and quality infrastructures.

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Centros y clínicas

University of Navarre

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra (Univerity Clinic of Navarre) is a medical-hospitalisation centre characterised by its high level of medical specialisation, its constantly updated technology and personalised attention. A pioneer in the implementation of medical techniques in both Europe and around the world, it has become a national and international benchmark. Numerous acknowledgements and awards endorse its hard work.

The Clinic is a hospital with a difference. Its uniqueness lies in the following aspects:

  • Its primary target is to offer patients and their families the best medical and human treatment possible.
  • Cutting-edge technology: it is a non-profit making organisation that invests all excess funds back into improving its technology facilities and into driving forward research, as these two aspects represent new opportunities and new solutions for patients. Therefore, investment in the purchase of equipment is on-going, attested by the availability of the most advanced technology in the market.
  • Research to heal: research is an integral part of its identity. In close collaboration with other University of Navarre centres and with the Applied Medical Research Centre (CIMA), the Clinic is the private centre that develops the most clinical trials in Spain.
  • Internationally acclaimed medicine: human treatment, good medical practices and R&D+i endeavours made this centre outstanding with its international recognition and awards. Among others, the Clinic is accredited by the Joint Commission International, a non-profit making independent organisation dedicated to controlling the quality and safety of patients in health centres on an international level.
  • Maximum diligence and comfort: its medical service is valued for its speed and efficiency in terms of appointments, diagnosis and access to treatment. As all its specialities and technology are concentrated in a single centre, the Clinic is organised so that patients can receive their appointments, treatments and tests as quickly as possible.
  • Preventive medicine: preventing illnesses and obtaining their early diagnosis and treatment constitute the best way to live a longer and healthier life, and subsequently achieve greater efficiency and performance in patients’ working and personal lives. The Clínica Universidad de Navarra's medical examination is an integral and thorough examination of the patient’s state of heath, enabling the early detection of illnesses - when they are most easily cured - as well as the assessment and treatment of risk factors that may lead to the future development of illnesses.
  • Sports medicine: the sports medicine team comprises various different specialists that work and coordinate together to offer a perspective of the overall health of the athlete.  The Sports Examination at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra (University Clinic of Navarre) is a thorough and customised examination of the cardiovascular system, as well as the organs and structures that are involved when participating in a sporting activity. Depending on the characteristics and habits of the patient, advanced or elite sports examinations are applied.
  • Elective medicine: a specialist team of surgeons as well as the very latest technological advances come together to improve physical appearance, repair bodily disorders caused by trauma, infection, tumours or congenital illnesses, and to recover the shape and function of the body. The Centre also offers aesthetic and restorative surgery and dermo-aesthetic surgery, with the help of the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies.
The San Miguel clinic

The professionalism, human quality and patient-orientated management at the San Miguel Clinic, make it a hub for high-quality care, based on three fundamental pillars:

A professional team with highly-qualified specialists.

Modern and efficient technical equipment.

Patient-orientated management as the central axis for all of its activity.

Specialisation in health examinations, sports examinations and plastic, restorative and aesthetic surgery. All the treatments are performed in the operating room with the utmost safety measures, because as well as obtaining satisfactory results, safety is one of this centre’s key objectives.

San Juan de Dios

The San Juan de Dios Hospital stands out for its innovative nature, its tireless quest for excellence in health care, and constant improvement.

For this, it has updated infrastructures that incorporate the latest technologies, adapted to the demands of modern medicine, and facilities that boast the very best amenities. All so that during the hospital process, patients and their visitors have access to the most advanced medical care in a comfortable and amenable setting.

With over 70 years of experience, the centre has become a benchmark in the sector. Its Surgical Block has a Major Surgery Clinic service and a Short Stay Centre, as well as an expansive Surgery Unit for post-operation hospitalisation.

The addition of its multi-disciplinary team of specialists make this centre a guarantee of quality, medical safety and hospital care professionalism.


The Neurological Centre for Integral Attention (CNAI) is a centre specialising in intensive and effective cutting-edge treatments in neuro-rehabilitation. For in-patients or out-patients with diagnosed neurological illnesses.

Learning to live again

The aim is to contribute to improving the life of patients suffering from neurological pathologies. In this context, neuro-rehabilitation takes on a fundamental role, considered to be the only alternative in achieving a greater degree of autonomy and independence, recovery of self-esteem and an active social inclusion, which is standardised and satisfactory.

With facilities designed to achieve the best possible results, CNAI has a space of over 4,275m2 divided over four floors, with outstanding areas dedicated to the rehabilitation programme: swimming pool, adult gym and paediatric gym.

Effective treatments

Specialists in diagnosis, assessment and rehabilitation treatments for children with brain injuries, its key to success lies in its three-layered intervention: patients, families and social surroundings. Within this context, the family is also considered to be part of the team of professionals, required to participate to achieve the most effective results.  The treatments applied are completely customised, integral, intensive and multi-disciplinary.

Added to endeavour and knowledge, is the cutting-edge technology used, such as the first rehabilitation robot in place in Spain (Geoevolution).


The Cross Clinic offers a setting in which patients and their visitors can enjoy the height of comfort at all times, whilst experiencing the maximum safety, comfort and privacy.

Characterised by its offer of an integral service, it has exclusive suites in the Cross Hotel, in the same building as the Clinic, or modern double rooms for patients and their visitors. The Hotel also has private parking facilities and a chauffeur system, ensuring that patients are shuttled personally from the airport or from anywhere within the city.

All the facilities and staff at the Clinic are highly prepared to provide a quality service. Led by two highly-prestigious surgeons, patients are offered the most advanced medicine, with a nationally referenced focus on plastic and aesthetic surgery and oral and maxillofacial treatments.


The Sannas Dentofacial Dental Clinic is a benchmark dentistry centre with 26 years of experience in the sector. 

This Clinic has a modern dental prosthesis laboratory (Dentiruña), and is also a teaching centre accredited by the General Board of Dentists in Spain, and accredited by the Government of Navarre as a Specialised Health Centre.

It offers all its dentistry and facial aesthetic medicine services within a single space, with hospital-care level medical facilities.

In its daily work, it is outstanding for the emphasis it places on health and prevention. For this reason, it has an oral prevention centre and a highly-skilled and specialised medical team, equipped to provide the right responses to the needs and demands of patients whilst always offering an excellent and quality service.