Pamplona is the perfect location for holding national and international congresses and conventions. It is equipped with the very latest infrastructures for holding all kinds of events, and has more than 100 rooms in hotels, institutions and universities.


Baluarte Congress Centre and Auditorium

Pamplona is a medium-sized city that has been careful to preserve its various historical enclaves: the medieval city, the renaissance Citadel, and the modern expansion, which is home to the Baluarte, just a stone’s throw from the city’s major landmarks and services, with no need to use a car. 

Furthermore, the BALUARTE Congress Centre and Auditorium is one of the largest in Spain. It is a recently constructed avant-garde building, designed by the prestigious Navarran architect, Patxi Mangado.

This versatile and functional modern space is used for meetings and gatherings, located in the very heart of the Navarran capital.

The “L” shaped building exterior is an impressive, solid construction made of grey quartzite, framing a magnificent square, and contrasting with the bright internal spaces.

Congress attendees will be amazed with the excellent views over the Citadel park from the meeting rooms.

Rooms and services

Baluarte has a main auditorium with a capacity for 1,568 spectators. It also has a chamber room with a capacity for 444 people, perfect for holding medium-sized meetings or congresses, as well as other small-scale cultural activities or concerts. The building has a further 4,800 m2 designated to other events and exhibitions.

Congresses are naturally held in the Citadel and Luneta rooms, which can hold a total of 800 people. These rooms have adjustable panels that can be moved to re-size the spaces. Other smaller rooms, such as the conference rooms, a vestibule designed for exhibitions and receptions, and a restaurant with a capacity for 125 diners, complete the most important spaces in this building reserved for culture and congresses in the very heart of Pamplona.

Rooms of Baluarte
Nombre Area (m2) School Theatre
Main auditorium 520   1568
Chamber room 104   444
Citadel room (can be divided)
















Luneta room (can be divided)










Gola room 110 - 97
Corona room 110 - 97
Bulevar room 200 75 140
Walls room (exhibitions) 1800 - -
Exhibition space 2000 - -
Exhibition space 1000 - -


















The College of Physicians provides any client with the infrastructure and technical means necessary to organised local or national congresses, as well as to hold courses, conferences, meetings or exhibitions.

Furthermore, Congresses of the College of Physicians also has a team of professionals with over 15 years’ experience, ensuring the best quality and complete service.

The Venue offers multiple services and has different multiuse spaces with a maximum capacity of 300 people:

Congress Hall 

  • Annexed Classrooms
  • Medialuna Hall 
  • Council Room 
  • Rooms


Contact: Javier Magallon Arzoz

+34 948 226 093

Adress: Avenida Baja Navarra, 47 - 31002 Pamplona.

Pamplona Cathedral

Navarre’s cultural heritage is exceptional, making it the perfect setting for any MICE event.

The Pamplona Cathedral ensemble is one of the largest in Europe, and comprises buildings from the 11th, 12th, 15th and 18th century, as well as a new exhibition – Occidens – which has just celebrated its first year. The archaeological remains visible date back to the Iron Age, and the works of art displayed span practically all the style, from Flamenco altarpieces to Gothic and Romanesque sculptures, as well the valuable collection of religious treasure in the form of reliquaries and liturgical objects.

The Gothic temple with a Neo-classic façade and its two towers, the cloister, the upper cloister, and the larder, not to mention the refectory, the former canteen for the canons and the corresponding kitchen, used as a museum space and as an auditorium for concerts, conferences, congresses and banquets, all open to visitors to the city.

Over the past four years, more than 200,000 people have enjoyed a visit to this ensemble, which has continued with its projects to remain both a religious and touristic benchmark.


Contact: Gonzalo García

+34 948 21 25 94

University of Navarre

This artistic centre, opened in 2015, brings together nature, architecture, sculpture, painting, photography and gastronomy. In the very heart of the University of Navarre campus and very close to the city’s hospital area, it has numerous spaces that are ideal for hosting all kinds of events.

Designed by Rafael Moneo – the only Spanish architect to be awarded with the Pritzker prize – the University of Navarre Museum is located harmoniously on the side of the campus closest to the centre of Pamplona. From here, it opens out onto over 100 hectares of gardens, making the university area one of the city’s green lungs.

Its contemporary art collection, including pieces by Tàpies, Picasso, Rohtko and Kandinsky, and its photography collection (one of the most important in Spain), make this cultural landmark a benchmark in northern Spain.

In terms of MICE space, the Museum has a 700-seat Auditorium-Theatre, which hosts performing art programmes and a whole host of external events. There are also other fully equipped rooms and multiuse spaces with varied capacities, as well as the passable terrace. The restaurant fuses local and international modern cuisine.


Contact: Eventos Museo

+34 948 425 700

Pamplona Planetarium

This centre, opened in 1993, has become a cultural, scientific, touristic and educational benchmark within Spain, as it is one of the largest of its kind in the country. It is an ideal MICE SPACE.

The Pamplona Planetarium is a cultural centre that allows visitors to get closer to astronomy and the mysteries of the universe from the comfort of their seats. The Pamplona Planetarium projections dome, measuring 20 m in diameter, is one of the largest in the world, and offers a view of more than nine thousand stars. Fasten your seatbelt because the journey has commenced… The Pamplona Planetarium, with its cylindrical shape in ochre and blue, is the largest of its kind in Spain. As well as its regular projections, it is also the venue of many exhibitions, conferences and displays, receiving over 200,000 visitors each year.

It has an auditorium and a large projections room, with an enormous dome that holds the complete image of the skies. The main area used for cultural activities is located on the main floor:
The auditorium, with a capacity for 240 people, hosts numerous cycles of conferences, congresses and round table events.

The Tornamira star projection room has sophisticated projections systems for stars, planets, and all kinds of images, videos and special effects.

As well as the central projector, the room has 50 slide projectors and twenty special-effect projectors controlled with IT systems.

As well as with this sophisticated technology, it is also equipped to project moving images using three video projectors.


Contact: Planetarium

+34 948 262 628


This is a space for business, relations and exchanges supported by a strong professional team and its strategic location. It is much more than an exhibition venue, as its modular design and its capacity to be transformed into a space for many different functions, make it the ideal location for hosting any event.

Refena is much more than an exhibition venue, with its modular design and capacity to be transformed into a space for many different functions and any format, with 15,000 m2 of surface area distributed over three pavilions, located on a plot measuring over 27,000 m2. As an exhibition venue it has a calculated usable minimum covered exhibition space of 11,000 m2. It is fully equipped with all complementary services and provides the maximum ease of work.

Refena is located in the urban zone of Pamplona and comprises three collateral pavilions, amounting to almost 15,000 m2 of constructed area. Added to this is the annex area of approximately 1,500 m2, which holds the offices, reception, restaurant services and other complementary services required to undertake activities.

Both pavilions are 8,50 m high at the lowest point; their size and versatility mean that these facilities can be used to hold any kind of event: fairs and presentations of any kind of product, concerts, sporting events, training courses, work meetings, etc.


Contact: Carla Garcia-Tapia

+34 948 136 136

Gayarre Theatre

The Gayarre Theatre is undoubtedly the most emblematic Coliseum in Pamplona, and is also one of the most historical buildings in the city. Located in the very heart of the city, today it opens out onto the second expansion of the Navarran capital.

Initially constructed under the name of Main Theatre of Pamplona, in 1903 it was renamed as the Gayarre Theatre, in memory of the Roncal-born tenor, Julián Gayarre. In 1931 it was moved to its current location, preserving practically all of its original façade.

After undergoing various renovations, the Gayarre Theatre preserves its Italian-style horseshoe formation, and its seating capacity for 884 people is distributed across the ground floor seating area, the stalls, the balcony and the amphitheatre. Renovations were performed to the stage area in 2005, mechanising the bars and removing a series of elements that were no longer used. The grid was cleaned, making it easier to carry out the different scenery and assembly works, and a series of actions were also undertaken to improve the aesthetics of the building. Among the most outstanding aspects, it is worth mentioning the reforms undertaken on the theatre electrical system, the heating and ventilation system, the renovation and updating performed on the fire prevention system, and improvements and extensions made to the exit routes. Perhaps the most striking change was the recovery of the amphitheatre and the changes to the seats in this area and in the balcony, allowing for an increased capacity to reach around 884 seats.

As well as shows, the Gayarre Theatre is available for all kinds of performing arts and diverse services for all kinds of events.


Contact: Cesar San Martín

+34 948 207 202

Navarra Arena

The Navarra Arena pavilion is a multiuse building.

It can be used for both national and international cultural, sporting, recreational and corporate events.

Thanks to its architecture, it can be adapted to host numerous different capacities.

Its telescopic stand means the space can be quickly adapted to the needs of each client.

A block of telescopic stands has been positioned between both courts, facing onto both sides. This can be removed and stored in the basement (retractable platform system) to join both courts. The platform can be used as a stage in concerts and shows.

CAPACITY: 11,850 spectators


LOCATION: It is located on Calle Sadar, on a 20,000-m2 plot of land adjoining the El Sadar (C.A. Osasuna) football stadium.

PISTA central: Area 3,000 m2

Capacity (seated) 9,850 spectators

PISTA AUXILIAR: Area 1,600 m2

Capacity (seated) 1,500 spectators

FRONTÓN ARENA: Area 600 m2

Capacity (seated) 3,000 spectators


Multiuse Room. 250 people  Audio-visual Room. 50 people Panoramic Walkway. 250 people  Press Room. 100 people Meeting Rooms  Gym/Backstage (300 m2) 



Changing rooms

Dressing rooms

Warehouses 6,000 m3

Public parking area (300 spaces)