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plenary session broadcasts

As of January 2006, Pamplona City Council will provide live broadcasts of its plenary sessions, held on thefirst and third Thursday of each month in the Plenary Chamber at the Town Hall.

Windows Media Player or another compatible programme is needed to see the sessions. Both the original sound and translations of interventions made in the Basque language are transmitted.

ADSL connections are recommended for good reception. If you cannot connect with the server, check that you do not have any personal Firewall activated or that its streaming ports are open, and the player has permission to access Internet.

Past Plenary sessions

The Council also gives you the chance to see and hear past plenary sessions. To do this, select "Search records and pre-recorded videos” from the menu on the left. You can see recordings of plenary sessions held since the 19th of January. They are all available together with the written records of all the matters dealt with.

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