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Municipal Government

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The organs corresponding to Municipal Government have decision-making, executive, informative and consultative functions.

According to the Regulating Law of the Basis of Local Government, the necessary organs of Municipal Government in municipalities with large populations are:

  • Plenary sessions
  • Commissions
  • General Secretary of the Plenary sessions
  • Mayor
  • Deputy Mayors
  • Board of Local Government
  • Board of Local Government Secretariat
  • Support organ to the Board of Local Government
  • Districts
  • Legal Consultants
  • City Social Council
  • Special Commission of Suggestions and Complaints

In the case of Pamplona, there is also a Special Commission of Accounts and a Board of Purchases, in accordance with the provisions of the Navarrese Law for Local Administration in Navarre.

The same law designates the superior and directing organs:

  • The superior organs are the Mayor and the members of the Board of Local Government.
  • The directing organs are the general coordinators of each area or department, the director generals heading the administrative organisation within each of the large departments, the incumbent of the support organ to the Board of Local Government and to the councillor-secretary of the Board, the incumbent of the legal consultancy, the General Secretary of Plenary sessions, the General Municipal Inspector and, if relevant, the incumbent of the organ of tax management.

The incumbents of the maximum organs of direction of the autonomous organisms and local public business bodies are also considered directing organs.

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