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Civil Participation Department


The mission of the department is to encourage civil participation in different fields.

Main activities

  • Facilitating local participation in projects developed by the Council
  • Establishing means and channels which allow for the participation of those who wish to do so
  • Helping citizens who wish to set up an association
  • Achieving the most effective communication possible between the administration and the population so that the latter is aware of municipal activities
  • Implementing continuous improvement systems and monitoring the Council’s compliance with its commitments to the citizenry
  • Providing the citizen with appropriate information in three ways: in person, by telephone, on-line
  • Informing as to municipal activities and projects via press releases and conferences
  • Promoting the digital Administration and implementing new services by making use of new technologies
  • Disseminating the values of civic-minded behaviour and attitudes to the benefit of the population
  • Managing citizens’ notifications, complaints and suggestions

Organisational structure

Attached councillor: José Iribas Sánchez de Boado

Department manager: Juan Echenique Huarte

Address and contact:

Plaza Consistorial s/n, 4ª planta

Telephone: 948-420266

Open to the public: from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm, Monday to Friday


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