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Oteiza Museum

View of Alzuza and Oteiza Museum

The Oteiza Museum houses the personal collection of the reputed sculptor and multi-faceted artist (Orio 1908- San Sebastián, 2003), comprising 1,650 sculptures , 2,000 pieces from his experimental laboratory and a wide range of drawings and collages. It is located in the rural setting of Alzuza, 9 kilometres from Pamplona, and exhibits a representative selection of the work of the Basque artist, one of XX-century sculpture’s most significant figures.

The Oteiza Museum is the work of Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, who designed a large, red, concrete cube to house the sculptor’s collection and the house which Jorge Oteiza lived in for two decades, now renamed house-workshop. This peculiar building was specifically designed with an eye on simplicity, striking a balance between content and container. As the architect said: "I cannot fall into the contradiction of creating a sculpture to contain sculptures. The simpler and more elemental it is, the more monumental the sculptures on show inside shall appear”.

The renovated house and the museum exhibition form a tour comprising three basic areas, inhabited and shaped by the artist himself: The Laboratory, centring on the creative process and work of the artist; The House, the private quarters in which the artist lived and thought; and The Workshop, where children’s art workshops are held.

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