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General Archive of Navarre

View of the General Archive of Navarre

The General Archive of Navarre was re-housed in 2003 in order to accommodate existing stock and new additions in due conditions. The new site is the renovated building of La Capitanía, an old palace whose origins probably date back to the XII century. It was the residence of the Bishops of Pamplona and the privative Monarchs of the new kingdom in the Middle Ages. In around 1530, it was the home of Viceroys and from 1841, of Captain Generals. It then turned over to the Military Government.

The restoration project was the work of the Navarrese architect Rafael Moneo and consisted of two operations: firstly, the restoration of the original mediaeval building, which now houses the consultation and public information area; secondly, the construction of a large, new, efficient, modern building for the documents. The building is equipped with the technological instruments required to classify, consult and safeguard Navarre’s documentary heritage. It has capacity for the equivalent of 44,000 metres of shelving and has a reading and consultation room, a large restoration workshop, capable of attending the needs of all of Navarre’s public and private archives, photography and microfilm laboratories, an assembly hall, specialised library and offices.

The building conserves some features of the original Gothic construction, to the corner of which, a twelve-storey tower, with three underground floors, has been added.

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