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Legal notice

Basic details

  • Domain: http://www.pamplona.es
  • Owner: Pamplona City Council
  • Registered address: Plaza Consistorial s/n, 31001 (Pamplona)
  • Tel: 010 (948 420 100 if calling from a mobile phone or from outside Pamplona)
  • E-mail: pamplona@pamplona.es
  • Tax Identification Code: P – 3120100 G


  • This Web site contains general information in compliance with the Law on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (lssice). Law 34/2002 of the 12th of October.
  • The pamplona.es portal, its graphic design and the information and codes it contains are the property of Pamplona City Council, unless otherwise indicated, and are protected by the relevant laws of Intellectual Property.


  • Access to this Web site is free of charge and viewing requires no prior subscription or registration of any kind.
  • Pamplona City Council is the owner of the Internet domain www.pamplona.es. The council uses the site to provide information of general interest concerning the city and municipal organisation.
  • The texts referring to Municipal Regulations are of a purely informative nature and have no juridical validity. Under no circumstance should they be considered binding for the resolution of judicial or administrative proceedings. These are strictly subject to the relevant legal provisions and/or regulations. For juridical purposes, consult the texts published in the Official Gazettes and Publications.


  • Pamplona City Council updates the information on its Web site and corrects all possible errors as soon as these are detected. The council cannot, however, guarantee the absence of such errors or the failure to update at a given moment in time.
  • Pamplona City Council reserves the right to modify the configuration and general access conditions, and to remove or update information on pamplona.es without prior notice and at any time.
  • In the event of performing maintenance, repair, updating or improvement operations to the services provided, Pamplona City Council reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the present Web site and to provide or cancel services without prior notice, although it shall try to inform users whenever possible.
  • The user accepts liability for the use of this portal and the information it provides. Pamplona City Council accepts no liability for any consequences or damages which could result from accessing or using the information on this Web site.
  • No third party may establish a "framing" relationship between its Web site and the present Web site. There are external links from pamplona.es which Pamplona City Council believes to be of interest, but for which it accepts no responsibility.
  • Users may download the contents of this domain for private, non-commercial use. These contents may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly communicated, ceded or transformed without express permission.

Data protection

  • The personal data provided by the user to fill in the forms or comply with the procedures offered on the Website in order to access certain services may be registered on one of the files which Pamplona City Council has declared to the Spanish Data Protection Agency. These data will be processed in accordance with the regulations established in Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December, on the Protection of Personal Data and regulations involved in its implementation.
  • Those persons whose personal data feature in a Pamplona City Council file may exercise their rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition in the manner provided for in the regulations concerning data protection. In order to do so, they must present an application at the General Register in Calle Mayor 2, 31001, Pamplona.

Obligation of information

  • Notification regarding video surveillance activity
    • In order to ensure safety and security in public areas, video surveillance cameras have been installed at some points in the city, the purpose of which is to safeguard both people and precincts.
    • By means of the present Website, the interested parties are informed that the personal data obtained may be included in the Video Surveillance electronic file, property of the Council, for the purposes of video surveillance and traffic control. Likewise, they are informed that they may exercise their rights of access and cancellation at the General Register of Pamplona City Council (C/ Mayor 2, 31001 Pamplona).
  • Notification of recording of 092 line telephone calls
    • In order to ensure the exercise of constitutional rights and freedoms, and public safety, the calls received on the 092 telephone line are recorded. In compliance with article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December, on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that both the recordings of telephone calls and telephone numbers will be included in the Municipal Police Recordings file, property of Pamplona City Council, and regarding which you may exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition (General Register, C/Mayor 2, 31001 Pamplona).

Access to and use of the Web site pamplona.es implies the consent of the user and his/her acceptance of the conditions described above.

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