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Pamplona, the first on the road

Pamplona is the first capital on the Pilgrims’ Road to Santiago for pilgrims taking the Roncesvalles route.

The route enters the city via the district known as the Magdalena. Pilgrims cross the River Arga over a XII-century mediaeval bridge, which has a cross with the image of Saint James at one end. After crossing this bridge, pilgrims find themselves at the foot of the city walls and, after passing through the old moats of the fortified city, reach the Historical Centre via the Gateway of France, also known as the Gateway of Zumalacárregui.

The route takes pilgrims through the streets of the three ancient burghs and past their main churches: Navarrería, with the cathedral of Santa María la Real, San Nicolás, with the church of the same name, and San Saturnino and its church of San Cernin.

After going around the park of the Ciudadela, the pilgrims’ route continues along Vuelta del Castillo and crosses the modern part of the city before reaching the grounds of the University of Navarre. A stone bridge then sets pilgrims on course towards Cizur Menor.

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